Pr. Robert SimonPastor Robert Simon is the Founder and President of Carmel Ministries. An ardent preacher of the Word of God, Pastor Robert Simon strongly believes that one should have the knowledge of the Truth and that Truth and that knowledge will in totality emancipate him/her.

‘Holiness and truth important in every believer’s life’

During his college days, Pastor Robert Simon almost became a rationalist. He comes from the CSI background. As a child, he had accepted Jesus Christ as his LORD and Savior. Yet, as a youth he found comfort in rationalistic beliefs. That attitude helped him not to become an atheist. A true rationalist is a true Christian. Hallelujah! A postgraduate in English Literature, Pastor Robert Simon had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ that led to his salvation experience in 1972 when he was barely 23. Soon, he was baptized and took to preaching the good news. His first sermon was in a moving train. Pastor Robert Simon is well known for his teachings on the book of Revelations. The central theme of all his ministries is this: ‘You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free’.

His interest in the book of Revelations?
He had heard several preachers’ sermons on the second coming of our LORD Jesus Christ. That spurred him to study the books on apocalypse and eschatology more intensely. A year later, he started preaching in conventions. In 1974, Bro. Simon Stanly, an evangelist, showed him how Biblical prophecies had become part and parcel of history over the years. Bro.Stanley told him inparticular about the re-gathering of the Jews and how various Biblical prophecies were being fulfilled. This provided him the impetus to study prophecies in detail. When he saw these prophecies come true quite literally, he began a serious study of the Book of Daniel in the Bible. The question that weighted Nebuchadnezzar was heavy in his mind too – ‘What shall be hereafter?’ Based on these studies, he prepared a series of sermons titled ‘What is tomorrow?’ and ‘What is next?’ That gave him a real impetus to dwell more into history and Bible studies.

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